About Us

The proposal of our legal firm, since its conception, has been to concentrate, in a single office, all legal advice, encompassing the most diverse areas of Law, both in the judicial and administrative spheres, for individuals and legal entities. .


Our office is based on the following permanent and immutable values: efficiency, respect and customer satisfaction. These values ​​are present in all services performed.

It aims to offer solutions to conflicts of interest, maintaining a frank and direct relationship of performance, through integration and cooperation between its professionals and customers. With excellence and integrity in the provision of services, always in compliance with ethical standards combined with competence, dedication, discipline and commitment.

In this way, the priority is to inform clients about the real possibilities of success in the actions, being even advised to modify practices and / or to give up unsuccessful demands with the analysis of the particularities and peculiarities of each case. In this context, the client’s relationship with the office must be based on the most absolute exchange of trust and cordiality, on total transparency and commitment, on the processing of information that is essential for the guidance and resolution of the dispute.

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