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Perfect Software for the Law Firms Now

You software package specially developed for the legal profession. Ease of use, affordability, and the high degree of freedom of choice to choose your own way of working run like a thread through our program. No law firm is the same, which is why professional software offers many options for enabling or disabling certain specific parts of the legal profession. Are you not dealing with insolvency cases? Then we turn this off. No additional cases? Then you will not see these functionalities either. This makes professional software suitable for any law firm and remains pleasant to use. Lawyers with the best skills are there for the task. You need the best software for law firms there.

Save Time With Professional Software

As a lawyer, you do nothing more than support and assist your clients, if you want to achieve well results and offer solutions that benefit your clients and are satisfied with them. We as a software supplier want exactly the same. You are good in your field and we are strong in saving time by developing handy software. With Professional software, you can easily manage your entire office administration in one package, which makes it easier to carry out your daily work and more efficient with your time, which you can then spend on your clients. Find the best lawyer for that.

Determine Where Your Data Is

We understand the sensitivity of your files, the caution that is required, and the desire to handle this information with caution. Unique to professional software is that you can decide where you want to store your data. This can, of course, be done in the cloud, but this is not necessary. As a supplier, professional software does not prescribe this but you decide for yourself. Keeping your data, i.e. the database and documents, in-house by working with your own server in the office is a much-chosen method and ensures that you are in control of yourself. Would a different way of working suit your office later on? No problem. We are happy to assist you in moving the data to own professional software Cloud services, just back to a local solution or to a cloud provider. You decide. Get the best service from the law firm now. Also, you need to use client software for lawyers.

Choose The Modules That Suit Your Office

You have full control of your relationship and file management, time recording, and batch invoicing plus the disbursements and advance administration with Professional software Standard, but perhaps you are ready for the next efficiency boost? Then expand Professional software with the modules that are convenient for you, such as Electronic Invoicing with the payment button, Export your invoices to your accounts, the Subscription module, or choose the module Generate and Manage Documents. You can quickly and uniformly prepare your letters and documents using templates. With the Outlook plug-in, you can easily save your emails and attachments in your files and you can also automatically start a stopwatch if you want. In this way, professional software makes the administrative side of your work easier for you. There are law firms you can take help from.

Integration Of Marketing Communication In The Daily Operation Of A Law Firm

Content or knowledge management optimization largely consists of thinking about the possible reuse of the documents from the moment of creation. When you save a document that you have designated as final, you will get a pop-up window asking, is this document interesting for your knowledge base? Answer options are yes or no. It is easy to guess what will happen if the answer is “yes”. Indeed, the document is not only kept in the client file, but also in the knowledge database. The document is then automatically sent to an email inbox for e.g. anonymizing the document, adding keywords, additional validation, etc. Find the best attorney for such cases.

At that time you can also indicate whether the document can be the basis of an article for the blog or the newsletter. The communication manager external or internal receives a notification of this and can edit and “tag” the document, after which the original author is invited to validate the modified text. The attorneys can be the best options.

How easy it can be to integrate marketing communications into the day-to-day operation of the office?  Marketing automation does not stop sending segmented information based on reading behavior. A further step is that based on that behavior of the customer or prospect, an e-mail is automatically sent with, for example, the invitation to take note of certain additional information, which is available in the knowledge base with the ultimate goal that the customer contacts the office or be contacted. Taking legal help is the best option here.

Garbage in, Garbage out

The problem is that the marketing software needs to catalog your content correctly. We just got touched by Google’s very powerful algorithms. We don’t realize that the results Google presents to us depend on the context in which we are searching. Google “understands” the analyzed texts, “knows” who we are, and “understands” what we are looking for at that moment. Have the personal options present here.

But don’t count on the marketing software you install in your office today to do the segmentation fully automatically, with the same accuracy. You do not have enough online data from your customers and prospects for this. It is for the time being necessary to “tag” your content. By that, we mean the interpretation of the content: what is it about, what kind of reader is it addressed to. And that has to be done quite rigorously because at that time the old adage “garbage in, garbage out” still applies. Find the best legal service here:

Legal Tech And Marketing Tech

Both the legal world and marketing are becoming increasingly technological. To function optimally, the different systems, such as knowledge management and mail software, must be able to “talk” to each other. But it is not necessary to use integrated systems for this. On the contrary, often small standalone applications are more efficient and cheaper. You can search to be the best lawyers near me.


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A good fit for firms that want access to a private cloud server and desktop software

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A flexible, cloud-based solution that offers growing law firms sophisticated document management, customizable workflows and full accounting.


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